Second Pfizer Vaccination Made Me Sick

So it’s official, despite me not wishing to have had to have injected myself with what could have been potentially a life threatening substance. Aside from the fact that I didn’t want to oblige and crumble into the forces above and have to forcefully take the coronavirus vaccination. I had to. The reason why ?because my kids had to. If it was not for them, I would most definitely have not taken it. Actually, I feel a little resentful having done so as I feel like we literally have no idea of the long term future implications of having taken the vaccine. Despite people saying that it is safe and we have nothing to worry about, as far as I am concerned, the vaccination for coronavirus could very well turn out to be a bad thing later on down the line.

The First Dose Of Pfizer Was Not So Bad

The first vaccination had not had me see any serous side effects, other than a sore left arm for the day after. The second dose of Pfizer however had me worried. After having taken all 3 of my elder kids to take their second dose of the Pfizer vaccination so the would be able to attend physical school, as opposed to online school, at 4am the next day it struck me just how awful the injection was. It was at 4am I was woken up by my 12 year old complaining of a high fever, sore eyes when she looked at the light, and also a sore rib and a tight chest when breathing. Upon looking at her, I knew immediately that her fever was high. She was rosy cheeked and sweating. Also, she was shivering and it scared the hell out of me. I packed her into the car and didn’t waste any time to take her to the emergency room.

Before to arrive at the hospital I had already given her a dose of Panadol strawberry syrup yet the fever had still not calmed down. When we got inside to see the nurse in the triage her temperature was reading at 38.9. After already having administered a dose of Panadol syrup at home, it became apparent that prescriptive medicine would also have to be administered. The doctor suggested an injection of pain medication, that would help the pain and the fever to go down, along with a drip that enabled her body to get rehydrated. In less than 30 minutes her fever had gone down and returned to the normal temperature.

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