Cannot Bend My Arm After The Gym!

My arm 💪 not bad progress

Earlier on in the year in what I would like to refer to as the peak of my health and fitness. I managed to fracture my knee and wind up in a leg cast. Not only did it dehabilaite me and make me immobile for a long period of time. It also had a mental impact on my morale and make me realise just how cruel the world has become during coronavirus and the latest few years of economical falls.

Humans are detached, and it is very rare to find genuine people that actually give a shit anymore. After crutches, wheelchair rides, four kids, cooking, cleaning and injury healing, my self confidence took a huge knock. The fact that my knee didn’t return back to full motional bending , as the doctor I had seemed to think it should have done.

In short from being 73 kg, abdominal muscles popping after four kids and stamina that enabled me to outrun my kids, my level of fitness took a huge dip. Now however, after a downfall drop of fitness levels I have managed to take it upon myself to enroll back at the gym and do something about it.I wrote this post because there seemed to be very little reference to real people that have actually experienced this themselves. I would imagine it is the shame of having got back to the gym and having fucked up with a bout of over enthusiasm. See as humans many of us are scared to publicly admit we fucked up. Me however, I’m past giving a shit at this age. I’ve seen many things and literally there is no shame in failure, if you tried to begin with and had the get up and go to do it.. you’re half way there. Failure is a word that many are scared to accept and admit. To me, failure happens to push you and motivate you that little bit further. It is an education to enable you to delve into the rhelms of the unknown.

Two Days Back And My Arm Doesn’t Bend After The Gym

My very first day back at the gym was not as intimidating as it would have been back in the day. Life has taken its toll and I’m tougher than ever now. After the whole signature signing, payment exchange, I entered the gym with a mission, to come back better than ever! I’m scorpio and trust me when I set goals, I don’t take them lightly. So first step was getting ready with that all important first weigh in and selfie. Lord knows how I cringed at the prospect of having gained so much weight! After my injury I had gained 3kg taking me to 76kg. However, after a lot of overeating to comfort me in times of depression and desperation I now had shot my weight up to 81kg. It shocked me and it made me feel so huge! That is what made me determined more than ever to shake this ugly fat out and set to the gym machines fast.

My Arm Didn’t Bend After The Gym

So, cardio is my first port of call. I always work out and I have long been a fan of weights. At home my favourite weights are kettle bells as they have the ability to get results fast. Those of you that are fitness fanatics will understand that weights are the way to make your body burn fat fast ongact after lifting weights for a short duration of time your body continues to burn fat. Many ladies are scared to hit the weights for fear of gaining muscle. You will not bulk instantly and weights are not to be feared ladies! For me, after cardio the weight machines were so appealing having been athletic I am at an advantage for muscles having memory. I decided to train my leg back to its former self until it shook like jelly!

I also headed to a machine which I have no idea what it’s called but it literally helps to assist you to pull yourself up. You have to adjust the settings to your own body weight and more, and then pull yourself up. This machine was the bees knees and it made me feel like I can fly! Tunes bursting out through my huawei airpods, and adrenaline pumping I stayed at the gym for 3 hours. Same the next day too. On the third day, I woke to a body that seemingly was so painful I had to revert to the medicine cupboard. Panadaol, ibrufrapen and vitamin c were all popped. My arm wouldn’t bend after the gym. It was my right arm and after having my leg injury I was a little worried. However after asking my old friend Google it became apparent that this was infact normal and was the bodys reaction and delay to muscle workouts.

Apparently when you begin to put the body under a strenuous workout routine. A condition called DOMs can kick in. It is basically a delayed reaction to the body having been tested to new lengths. When you use your muscles in ways not experienced before you put them under strenuous motion and you cause damage the the fibres in the muscle. This damage is repaired and is what helps to tome the body back up again, helping you to achieve your dream physique. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is exactly what I experienced and it kicked in the day after my workout. I took a weekend off and got back to work again without any difficulty after weekend.

How Can I Relieve Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Luckily I had some massage rub from Thailand and I made a pont of rubbing in the lemongrass oil to my injuries. I also, used a heat spray that helped me to be able to massage my arms back to a state where I could almost bend them straight again. One thing that I learned from the whole experience was that those guys that we see outside that seemingly walk with a frozen posture with their arms out to flex their muscles and give over a macho man appearance actually don’t do that. They literally cannot bend their arms straiggt and have taken the stance to take their arms out in a chicken like station a last ditch attempt to cover up the fact that they are in so much pain! Poor guys. Anyhow there you have it my story about cannot bend my arm after the gym. I hope it helped you somewhat and calmed you down if you ever should find yourself panicking about not being able to bend your arm after participating in strenuous workouts.

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