Online Stalking Definition & How To Curb It

Online Stalking, boy oh boy is this a good topic to cover. See, there are tons of female bloggers that blog for a living, and use platforms such as Instagram and twitter to reach a wider audience. Usually content creators blog not for the the attention from men, but because they enjoy what they do and don’t need to have any heads up back in return from the opposite sex. What has happened though as always it will is a minority of the male population have decided to take it upon themselves to feel like because the woman blogs and posts pictures of herself on social media, she is available, he has a right to contact her and relate with her. If any type of pass is made she was asking for it because she is a blogger. Would you say this to a police lady? A nurse? A doctor? See women are not object’s for men to make passes at. I’m pretty sure that many women have had online stalkers, all be it men, or just crazy mental members of family that have decided to make them look bad, or mock their actions on the internet from pure jealously. But how do you know that you have an online stalker and what goes outside the walls of normal behavior when it comes to contact with you as a blogger on social media platforms?

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