Doesn’t It Piss You Off That Evil People Always Walk Out Of The Shit

Many time I’ve found myself sitting down and questioning why evil people that I have met and dealt with seem to be able to walk out of shit looking like they are infact the good one. See, it is all about frame of mind and mindset. What you don’t realize and have probably not grasped onto the concept of yet is that evil people, are their own worst enemy! Yes, they are self destructive and when they do something bad and then manage to convince others that they are infact not evil. The only person that they are doing a hate or a harm to is themselves. See evil people are not satisfied in life. They take great pleasure in performing acts of deceit evilness and displeasure to others. Why they do this is because they are not happy with themselves! So, if you are victim of someone that seems to be on repeat doing things that harm you or others and seemingly getting away with the act or acts. It is not actually the case! Look at it in another light. The only reason they do bad things to begin with is out of incompetence.

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