Women Supporting Women

women supporting women

I was not really able to be creative with the title here. This is this is an article that I write very close to the heart. See, I am so fed up of bitching it is unreal! See, the great thing about the world is that there are many woman, all over and everyone has their own opportunity and luck when the time is fitting. I am so tired to see how the whole women supporting women concept is not latched onto by fellow sisters in the world. It’s time to unite and start to show solidarity! Can you imagine what a nicer place the earth would be, also the future generations that we are raising to be the adults of tomorrow. How kind the world would be if we taught one simple rule to our daughters? That no matter what, women supporting women is the concept to vibe on.

Sisters- I Kid You Not Bitching Does Not Help

See, when we talk negative things about fellow sisters, the vibe does not serve us well. It’s a very easy concept to run by. You get what you give. The energy you project is the energy you get back! However, there is a fine line sometimes! I kid you not that being able to talk and get shit off your chest when a fell “sister” has done you wrong is am excellent method of freeing yourself from carrying around extra baggage. See sometimes you have been so wronged that it is actually toxic not to discuss the things that have happened and taken place to make you feel so pissed. However, once you have shifted the weight and off loaded it, wash it down the shower and start afresh! Do not hold things close to heart. It is so annoying to think that there are heaps of women out there in the world, upset and down because fellow women have wronged them! Like seriously, ladies what is this shit all about? Bitching about fellow sisters, does not make your light shine any brighter.

Women Supporting Women Is The Only Way To Go

So, ladies reading this, I see you, I hear you I feel you. If you have been looking at that one lady that you think has something better than you, something bigger than you. Perhaps it is the opposite, she may seem not your class, your creed, your this, your that! Whatever she is- at the end of the day, that lady you took a dislike to is a fellow lady. She has a vagina just like you. Also, she is a daughter, perhaps a wife, a mother, or just a single woman that is trying to grow and survive in an already male dominated world. Next time you look at a fellow sister, and no ladies I am not mad, well maybe just a little!. I say sister with the concept that a woman is a sister as she is an earthling much closer to you than the other species (your brothers) If everyone on this earth was to treat every human being as if they were “family”, then the world would be a nicer place, legit. So come on ladies don’t feel hate towards someone you don’t fully know. For one day, that lady could actually be the shoulder that you need to cry on, to grow and to support you.

Sisters Dropping Hate – For What?

We have all experienced it. You know that time you walk into a room, a mall, a coffee shop, a restaurant and well ladies are not so lady like. You kind of know it’s happening, and when I say “it” I mean that bitchy vibe. Fellow ladies talk to one another in little school like gangs, and snigger at you. More than likely because you are looking fly, and they feel like you are intimidation to them. Most of the the time because they are insecure! Lord knows the vibes out there nowadays are getting awful at times. It’s like women want to kill each other. Instead of showing solidarity they show hate and spread bad vibes. Women supporting women is a much more peaceful mannerism. An attitude and concept that we should spread more. I mean, does it hurt you to support a lady in business? Will it hurt you to put pause on your tongue and not dig the spade into a woman, behind her back, or if you are even worse infront of her?! Cowardice, put a rule that something you will not say to her face, you will not say behind her back. That is a really simple, easy rule to rock by ladies.

Are you fed up of the bitching that happens out there too? Comment below, and please ladies reading this try to spread awareness to be nice to each other!

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