Instagram Bans- The Insta Police!

Instagram bans, wow this is such a topic to open. I have never really been able to figure out Instagram and how they make their rules up tbh. I kind of cannot feel of the opinion that they have one rule for one account, and another for others. It is kind of like some guy is behind the scenes making a lottery of what he will and will not allow for each individual using the platform. Those that have used the platform and been put on temporary holds for follows, likes, comments etc. will rarely discuss this openly a they feel it is something to be ashamed of! Perhaps it will make them look unprofessional or not adequate enough to be an influencer, business, or simply a normal human being wishing to interact on the platform. So, guys I have written this up to share with you my own perosnal experiences of Instagram bans and what where why and how I have learned.

Over Liking- Myth Versus Fact

Now, this is a funny one when it comes to Instagram bans and seeing the pop up message that notifies you that you have been stopped to like, or interact with comments. When you get online and start to google other peoples experiences of this, you will read or speak to people that tell you that you should not interact on the platform more than 60 times an hour. So, to make this clear I mean you shouldn’t like or comment more than 60 likes and comments per hour of your time using the application. However, I can honestly tell you from perosnal experience with my accounts that on some I have way exceeded the 60 likes per hour. Also, I had an experience on a clients account where without the 60 likes and engagements per hour, the account was still not allowed to like or comment and post with hashtags. So, if you are trigger happy on spreading the love and engaging with posts there. Do be careful. Fast typing peeps beware as this is not very specific and it is hard to figure out what happens. Moreover, why it does. The site is a law to itself.

Using Multiple IP Addresses On The Application

Now, this is a real bummer for those that hire a social media company to take care of their account for them. Also, of course not all business partner are in the same country, on the same IP address. Now this is definitely one thing I can tell you from experience having managed Instagram accounts from the United Kingdom, and facing this issue. When you log into the account with two different devices, in two countries or locations, this of course triggers red flags. It is god on a positive note, that they are secure and do pick up on potential hacking attempts. However, in order to log in anyway you have to have the other person with you on the phone as a security verification will be sent to them and you will need to enter this.

Once you have got into the account from another device I highly recommended that you save the details and do not log out. I had a complete nightmare with this issue when building up hype for my brothers account when he launched his book and album. Each time I wanted to log in, it requested the security code, and most of the time he was asleep on a different time zone to me, or just not available to get the code right away. It is highly frustrating. This happened more when I tried to log into his Facebook account and post too. I don’t know why, however it did. Also, recently when I have used clients Instagram accounts I have not had this issue. Infact, I have purposely not logged into Facebook to avid the problem.

Now, they will not specifically tell you that this is the issue. They, by the way peeps means the Instagram people that are behind the scenes hiding and lurking to pop out at you and ban you for whatever reason they see fit, whenever they want. Actually, don’t expect a report as to why they did so, perhaps if you are lucky, a message will pop up to notify you that they are “protecting their community”, and if you are not so lucky, you have to guess what they did, why they did it and when it will work again properly!

Kissing Insta Ass May Actually Help

Yes, never been one to ass kiss, but well when it comes to losing business and the inability to be able to click and like and comment. It kind of is like an addition, the heroin addict likes his drug and his substance, The social media addict likes his Instagram click and like fix! I know, it sounds mad, but really most people will admit that this is the case. Infact, it is addictive the platform is so tempting, and you want to better the following you have, engage and interact and gain as many followers as other influencers on the site have. It is like a competition. You got to be in to win though. If you are banned for an amount of time, you are kind of disqualified! I have noticed that by writing to the kind lovely, Instagram people that lurk behind the app a message in help and report a problem, they do actually never reply, but sometimes it seems that the liking, commenting or hashtag posting ban is lifted! Perhaps they do have empathy for ass kissers.

Bans With Messages That Notify You!

Oh, yes they actually offer this facility too on Instagram when you have been thrown an Instagram ban. Some times the very kind staff behind the scenes allow you to have the courtesy of a lovely message that will pop up and actually tell you the date of expiry of your ban, along with why the temporary ban happens!

There are also bans that happen that simply tell you that the Instagram community is being protected by your ban, and they have no actual dates provided. This can make the more nervous person that is addicted to the platform extremely nervous as you can be left wondering if you are going to be banned further, or taken out of the site. also, you wonder why more as you actually have no clue!

Shadowbanning As Some Refer To It As

Well this is the thing, many of the articles online refer to Instagram bans where you cannot post your hashtags or captions as shadow banning. However, this is not very credible as Instagram themselves do not notify you why this thing as happened. Shadowbanning I guess is the term that has been drummed up to describe the frustration associated with the sites inability to allow you to spread the love. It is kind of like Cadburys offering an Easter egg with a crème egg for sale, but telling little kids not to eat the cream egg in the centre! I mean, you don’t really market a site to spread the love, likes and connect, and then stop this from happening. Lord, how the shadow ban concept pisses me off.

Anyhow guys if you have had the misfortune of being blocked, banned or any of the things mentioned in this article, and you are able to shed some light on the subject matter more than. Please comment down below and let me know. Or, if by some small minute chance that any of the lovely hidden Instagram staff are actually human and not cyber bots and are reading this, having taken a pause from banning the love likes and tagging- I’d love to talk to you one on one! Promise I’ll be good x

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