Abusive Men- Why Does She Stay?

The title is an absolute joke in itself. There are so many cases of domestic violence against women around the world. Behind closed doors women are suffering at the hands of men that have been given the upper hand to abuse, to call the shots, to feel that they are able to do what they wish to when they wish to and why? Because of attitudes like the title that I used for this post. The question should not be why does she stay? It should be why does he feel it’s okay to do this? Why does a man in todays modern society with all the education and knowledge that we as a human race have feel that it is okay to be able to hit a woman, a wife, a mother of his children? It is not right and he should be the on that is subject to question.

Why Does He Feel It Is Okay To Raise His Hands?

Sadly this is the title that should be used. This is the question that needs to be answered around the globe. It’s 2021 not 1821 and still men are able to go punching shots when an as they feel to. It it is an absolute hypocrisy that many of these men that are doing so, are able to as the very women that they hit are pushed to the corner. Why? and what do I mean by pushed to the corner? They become scared for many reasons. I am going to go through some just in case the reader that stumbled upon this article did not know about domestic violence and how it really works. After all you have to have had a punch or two thrown at you to be able to know the control that falls into place with it.

Abusive Men Use Kids As Weapons To Torture The Woman

The abuser- uses the woman’s pride and joy as his controlling mechanism. The kids, The kids become weapons’. They are tools, that he uses to threaten, to keep her at her wits end, it is like reoccurring torture he does it day and night each time there is a row. He can easily say she’s crazy, she mental, she is not a good mother, not adequate as a wife, she is not able to serve him and the kids as he intends her to do so. Kids are fear to the women that is becuase her worst nightmare is for the abusive man to have sole control over the kids, as yes for all those that try to deny it, the man abuses the kids too. Men that hit women are cowards and they may not raise their hands to the kids, but they will and you can try to deny this, they will abuse the kids too verbally, or with techniques that may not be picked up on outside of the home to the average onlooker.

Men That Are Abusive Are Cowards

The sub header may not be a surprise to you but to the victims that are tolerating with the abuse, to them it can seem like the end of the world. Each and every incident that occurs feels and looks to them ten times worse than it is. But what you need to know is that men that abuse women are just cowards. There is no right, or left way about it they abuse because they have a complex about themselves and are unable to reach inner peace themselves. They feel inadequate, under achieving and are not mature enough to be able to admit that they are the issue. They look for victims to blame and usually it ends up being the girlfriend, wife, or sadly kids. See, usually what happens behind closed doors remains there. In cases when it does start to leak outside the man that abuses can be so clever and manipulative that he starts to portray the victim as the crazy one.

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