Influencer Marketing- Does It Really Work?

OK, here we go. It is a very controversial topic. One that many just do not know the answer to. If you’re playing your cards right on social media platforms, then you can infact manage to get your brand rolling very fast. It can also take a few boosts here and there from Influencer Marketing strategies. Here is my honest 2 cents on the topic. I actually have first hand experiences with both. I’m also in the process of trying to reach my influencer goals, and have also worked to build a couple of brands on Instagram.

Influencer Marketing – It’s Not Overnight Success

No matter what the newspapers tell you, no matter how much you hear about being able to market and gain a lot of sales instantly. It’s most definatley not going to happen over night. If you are a company going into the whole influencer world thinking that you will literally send a couple of items out to an influencer and then, bam over night your product range will be sold out. Enter into it with a positive mind, but do not enter it with the mind set that your chosen influencer will be the success story behind your brand. The only people that will be the success are you, and the team that you hire to work with you! That is why it is crucial to make sure that you hire individuals that actually believe in your brand alongside you. Without a flame, you are effectively fizzling out your success before it happened.

How Many Followers Should Influencers Have?

Now this is a really interesting thing. Not many know about the reality behind Instagram and the likes of Tik Tok and YouTube. There is a seedy black market happening where people simply, decide that they want to influence and then do so by purchasing robotic followers. This is why the number of followers that the influencer has, really does not matter. What counts is the engagement on their feed. You can easily find out if they are actively commenting and leaving comments and have a good rate of engagement.

How can you do that I hear you ask? Instead of looking at the follower count. look at the comments in the feed. Check the engagement, see each time the influceer posts, how may lieks he or she gets and if the foloowrs actually take time to drop a comment. This is a veyr good sgn. Aft3rr all you can have 500l folowers but wiht a low level of enagment and no comet like 10 or 30 on such a high figured foloweing accoint, you have to knwo that the folowers are not loyal.

In Case You Missed-Its Not Follower Counts- It’s Engagement

So, this is something that is difficult for many to grasp the concept of. I don’t blame you if you are new to marketing on Instagram. It is a profitable platform when you know how to use it correctly. See, many people on there will have followers that have no value to your brand. Nowadays people buy followers and the figures look amazing, yet the engagement is basically like that of a low follow count. You should look at the followers and also the likes and the engagement on the threads. By engagement I mean the comments that are left by fellow followers. Do they, engage, ask questions, seem to read the posts that the influencer is using? If so, then you should push follower count to the side and even consider hiring an influencer with a low follow count to promote you brand. Put it down to niche too. If you have a fitness feed and you have a proud to market in the fitness industry- and the influencer you are looking at also has fitness content an a following of people that are in the same category, with high engagement and low followers- then he or she could still be profitable for your brand and help you to get more sales.

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