Housemaids Should Not Substitute Mothers

If there is one thing that living abroad has taught me over the years is that there is something really wrong with the concept of having hired help. See, a housemaid so to speak is a lady that is hired to help you around the house. She can keep an eye on your kids if you’re a working mother. One thing that she should not do , is bear the brunt of the mothering part. It’s so disturbing that women have kids and then hire a housemaid with the pretense that she is there to help , and then just load her with their kids’ so they can roam around all day living the single life in coffee shops. I mean why have kids if you don’t want to be a parent?

Pampers Are For Parents Not Housemaids

I cannot recall how many times it has angered and upset me to see mothers sitting gossiping and holding their nose up at the concept of having to clean their babies poop! It is absolutely nuts to think that you would rather have a complete stranger to change your kids nappy than you. I mean, what is the point in being a mother, if you are not prepared to get hands on in and clean the crap up! After all what did you think kids would do? eat and not expel the contents of their plates! Really this is something at needs to be considered with great thought. As not only are you allowing a housemaid to change your child’s pampers, you are potentially putting your child at risk as he or she is used to having strangers check their nether regions!

How do you explain to a child that it is okay for A to change your nappy, but B cannot. Also, when the maid is in front of you, you know what she is doing. When she isn’t though, you don’t. Being a parent is not easy at the best of times, so imagine the task and stress of cleaning, cooking and running a household that is not even your own. Then, throwing in kids to look after and be responsible when again, they are not the maids biological kids. Some of the maids that are brought from overseas have kids of their own, and are giving up their parental rights to come and work for you. Not always will it be a success story, and don’t expect that they will not resent you for it. No matter how you think they are with you and respecting you. Bear in mind, they are not paid anywhere close to a decent salary.

Breastfeeding Is Liberating- Bottles From Maids- NO!

OMG! I’m so against this. I’m okay if you tell me that as a mum you tried to breast feed your kid and it was not something that you were able to handle. Or, if you are say a single mother and cannot do so as you have to work and have other things to do. I cannot, however sympathize with the whole show off with a maid concept. Where mothers that are perfectly able to feed their own kids with natures breast milk, but choose to offer to their kids, formula milk in a bottle packed up by their housemaid! OMG how angry this makes me. Why have kids if you are too proud to get your boob out and let mother nature nourish your child in the best way it knows how to.

Hiring A Maid From A Third World Country

This is very annoying, you cannot imagine the amount if times that I’ve heard people complain about the maid doing this or that. They want to have cash, they want to earn money and work and do this and that but the cold hard reality and truth is that if you hire a maid from a third world country. You then leave her to do your housework, mind your kids and spend a lot of time with your kids as you are out. Well, you cannot deny that your kids will legitimately pick up habits and traits from the lady. No matter how much you claim that this will not happen, be sure that it will, Most maids spend more time with their employers kids than the mothers themselves do!

If she comes from the slums, expect that her behavior will not be much better. I mean it is to very difficult to grasp onto. I really do not mean this in a derogatory manner. I mean that it is very difficult to adjust to a new environment and to be able to come from where you are used to living all your life, and just over night grasp the manners and etiquettes of the household of those that you’re employed by. If that makes sense!

So mothers that are reading this, be sure that if you’re planning to have kids, if you’re looking to hire a housemaid. She is there to clean for you. Also, to help to babysit if, you can develop a trusting relationship with her. She is not the mother of your kids, nor is she a person that is used to bear the work of being an actual mother, showers, dressing , feeding and love. Kids need mothers not housemaids! Also, if you are able to invest in a CCTV inside your home. It is highly recommended for the times that your lovely housemaids are left alone with your kids.

Have you ever hired a housemaid? Comment down below and let me know about your experience.

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