Benefits Of Derma Rolling

It’s something that has been all the rage for the past few years. As a child of the 80s, I could never have imagined a look forward into the future of beauty treatments, and medieval looking needle laden devices being used like torture tools for rejuvenating the skin! Back in the day when I was growing up, the closest to anti aging I witnessed was my mother rubbing oil of Olay on her skin, and the job was a good one! If I was lucky to witness, I’d see her with a pot of Dove moisturizer. With regards to myself, I never really have been a fan of overindulging in beauty products. However, working online and becoming accustomed to reading trends. Throw in the wish of eternal youth, I succumbed to the skin care industry. This article will tell you all about derma rolling and covers my personal experience.

So How Does DermaRolling Work?

The theory is you damage the skin, and in turn you get new skin back! See, as we age the skin loses elasticity and collagen. The moisture in our skin is also lost and it creates a saggy and dried shriveled appearance. Not what you want to be hearing I know! On the plus side, studies that were performed in 2008 saw that participants for derma rolling procedures, saw in increase of collagen in their skin by up to 400 percent! If you didn’t know what collagen was by the way, it is the protein found inside the skin that makes it firmer. It is what helps to keep that youthful appearance. You roll the derma roller on your skin and create a series of puncture wounds. Then, in turn when they start to heal, your skin has to create new cells and collagen is produced. New skin production, and new cell turnover, in turn, helps with antiaging significantly.

When Your Skin Is Punctured- Products Penetrate The Surface Faster

One of the benefits of derma rolling is that you can literally slaver on topical products and they will penetrate deep below the skin. A lot faster and more effectively than when the skin was not injured. It’s vital that during the process of using the derma roller that you take very good care of your skin. Once you have punctured the kin, and have put the creams and serums of your choice on- you need to also be sure to avoid the sun. Sun exposure will damage the skin further, and you will not get the desired results. Actually a lot of the skin damage that we have is down to a lack of sunscreen. Once you get into a good skin care regime, regardless of whether it is hot or cold where you live, you need to ensure that you put sunscreen on. The moment you have used a derma roller you are potentially exposing you skin to damaging rays that will damage it more. Be sure not to forget this!

Does Derma Rolling Hurt?

This is a question that many want to know. When I did dermarolling it was a little painful. I also have to confess that I took the plunge as I’m an all or nothing type of girl. I took a 3mm derma rolling needler device and I went hard at puncturing the skin! There are numbing creams on offer to as the name would suggest kill the pain. I did actually not use those though. I’m a firm believer in no pain, no gain! As I rolled the device on my skin in directions that kind of resembled a union jack flag, I comforted myself thinking about how amazing my skin would look after. Oh, and erm guys, it did look great- with blood pouring down! Yes, you have it! I actually had blood pouring like literally a face mask made of blood! It was horror movie ready. What did I do? I rolled the pins on my skin and pressed it ensuring that all my face and neck was well and truly derma rolled!

Which Topical Products Should I Use After Dermarolling?

It is totally down to perosnal preference. For myself I highly recommend using a vitamin c serum, vitamin e capsules at night, popped open and used as a thick paste whilst you sleep. Also, hyaluronic acid and collagen cream and serums are adequate. See, everyone has different skin types and you will know best what suits your skin. I absolutely love how the products can penetrate the skin with so much ease after dermarolling my skin. I also, must tell you that you should not worry if you do happen to have a break out after dermarolling and applying topical products. This, I’ve come to realize is usually something to do with the bacteria below the surface of the skin that you have disturbed by rolling on the microneedles. See, much like chemical peeling, anything that you have lurking below the depths of the top layer of the skin, will be disturbed by the procedure. It also is to do with how big a needle you use. I always go with 3mm, but it is recommended to start small, and work your way up.

I Heard It Helps With Acne Scar Removal-Is This True?

Yes, it certainly is, you are literally rolling away the scars so to speak. It is so liberating and of course, after the first application and session you will not see miracles, but you will see viable, if not very visible results. The more you do this, the less scars you will have. If you are consistent at the procedure through out the course of the year, lets say once a month. You can expect excellent results! Just be very careful as can can also breakout when you perform dermarolling, and if you are a pimple popper then you may make your pores larger, and your acne craters deeper if you do squeeze pimples’ in-between rolls!

Is The Procedure Worth It?

To Roll or not to roll, that is the question. For me I definatley say that derma rolling is effective and safe. However, this is my perosnal opinion and my skin type is not like yours. You will know what works best for you I guess. You can pay to have the dermarolling procedure down at the dermatologists office. Or, if you are more confident and daring you can attempt this at home. Be sure to tread with caution, perhaps by starting with a smaller sized pin on the dermaroller and working your way up.

Useful Tips For Beginners

  • Be sure sure to rinse your derma roller in between applications, by disinfecting it in Dettol and water solution.
  • If you cannot take the pain, be sure to purchase a numbing cream solution. You can get these online.
  • If you’re not the most confident, and have a tendency to brick out of things, book an appointment to have this done professionally at your dermatologists office.
  • Be sure to wash your face properly prior to the procedure.
  • Make sure to have your topical cream or serum of choice close to hand to slaver on when you are complete.
    Do not be shocked when you bleed! It is normal and you will look like something out of a horror movie, but this is completely fine.
  • Have patience and wait to see the final results. You will be red for a few days and if your skin is very sensitive you may well look like you have been sunbathing a little too much!
  • Do not derma roll more than once per month as you need time in-between to allow the skin to rejuvenate and heal.

Thanks for reading, and do share your experience down below in the comment section if you have chosen to dermaroll a home!

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