ParaGard Copper IUD For Contraception

The Paragard Copper IUD for contraception is an excellent option for women that want to have a break from having kids. It’s also perfect for those that have had complications with other forms of contraceptive that use hormones. Many of the forms of contraception on the market offer women a barrier from pregnancy. Despite this, they still use artificial hormones that play with the mood, cause weight gain, hair loss, and a whole host of other complications in women. In 2021 you would expect that contraception was discussed more openly amongst ladies. In some communities it is like a swear word to even be talking about such things. This article is written using my first hand experience of using the ParaGuard Copper IUD for contraception.

I’ve Used The Paragard Copper IUD For Contraception

I had the device inserted around 3 months back. I’ll not lie to you, it’s very painful when you go to put it in initially. The doctor warned me about the possible pain. As she inserted it I had to take deep breaths. Flash backs came from all the gynaecological experiences that I had, had having birthed my kids over the years. Also, I will be very honest with you, doctors are not my thing. Contraception and me really do not get along. We have a history of complications! That’s why it took me until the ripe age of 37 to finally have a more permanent form of contraception. I would run at the thought of having a doctor have to see my down bits again, despite having birthed kids.

Effective Contraception Minus The Hormones

One of the reasons that I chose the ParaGard copper IUD for contraception is the zero presence of hormones. I’m a very moody person anyway. I have mood swings and hormones in the past have not worked with me. I have tried the depo injection, the patches that you put on your back. Also, the pills that are on offer. My experiences with these types of contraception were awful. In-fact the depo injection made me to bleed like daily, which defies the objective. I mean, they did not market the injection to me as being an artificial method of having a year long period! Who the hell wants the hassle of putting contraception and then not being able to take advantage of it. Also, The plaster patch that you put lasts for a limited amount of time. The contraceptive pills OMG I had such terrible mood swings and side effects with them that I decided I had to resort to a more effective, hormone free form of contraception.

Paragard Is An Easy Form Of Contraception

Before putting the ParaGard I was sort of counting the time that my period would arrive. I’m not one for being able to keep up with date. I have no timing, and really I’m not a very scheduled planned type of woman. I like convenience and ease. This is actually what I have got with this. There is no need to think about when my next pill is due. I don’t have to worry that I may be pregnant at the end of the month. I don’t have to feel paranoid about the chance of getting pregnant as I’m not actively taking a mode of contraception, or because I chose not to go with pills, patches or injections. My body is clear of unnecessary hormones that I am not really sure how they will affect me later on in life. If I gain weight along the way, the only person I have to blame is myself. Doesn’t it annoy you when women use the pill and other forms of contraception as an excuse to fall back on when they gain weight? Yes it is true, but to an extent.

What Happens At The Initial Insertion Of Paragard?

You will be examined and asked when you had your last period. The doctor will check the positioning of your uterus. A speculum will be put inside you vagina and antiseptic solutions will be applied around the vaginal and cervical regions. The doctor is measuring the length of your uterine cavity, upon this examination the ParaGard IUD will be inserted. The threads that are attached to the device will be cut down to size. Some of them will be left to poke out enough for you to be cable to check each month if it is still in place correctly. Then, after the doctor has inserted the device you will be asked to wait for 15 mins or so before you get up from the bed. The doctor will make sure that you are not feeling dizzy or sick. Then, a scan of your uterus will be taken. This is in order or the doctor to make sure that the Paragard device is inserted successfully where it should be.

After Paragard Copper IUD Is Inserted

You will be given guidance from the doctor about how to take care of the IUD. It will be explained to you not to do any strenuous activities and heavy lifting for at last 3 months after the initial insertion. Some doctors actually prescribe antibiotics after you have the ParaGard device fitted. Some, prefer to go it au naturel without. You will also be told that after your period has finished you will need to check that the strings are fully down, as an indication that it is still in place. You will be given a card from inside the manufacturers pack that the doctor will write on to notify you of the expiry date and the date of insertion. You will need to take care of this and document that, allowing any medical professions know about the device in future if needed.

3 Months On

After having the coil inserted, having lived with it for 3 months now, I can tell you it’s effective. It also a little painful if I am brutally honest. I’ve had times when I have had really bad cramping. My periods are also very heavy. Not only are they heavy, they last a lot longer than my pre contraception cycle. I’m however, happy that I will not have to endure any more worry about if I am pregnant. There is no need to remember to take pills worry about weight gain or side effects like mood swings or hair loss. All of which I’d previously gone though. If you have had the ParaGard coil as a method of contraception, why not comment down below and share with me your experience?

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