My Microblading Procedure

Because 90s Thin Line Eyebrows Are Not In Fashion Anymore Peeps!

Having been a teen in the 90’s eyebrows were all about plucking and thin lines. Back then, tweezers were in and hairs were out! Fast forward to 2021 and well it is all about thick brows, unibrows. Basically, anything that back in the day we would have thought was never going to be fashionable or cool in a thousand years, all of a sudden it is. Such as microblading to get eyebrows.

Redheads Gray Faster- Well At Least In My Family Anyway

Being a natural redhead and having bad pigmentation ancestry, my hair has totally gone grey. Anything I have close to a pigmentation color is box bought and chemically induced. Eyebrows too were thin, and semi fading as they are grey! Not cool. I started to tap into the concept of microblading to have thicker fuller, all be it fake eyebrows!

Fed Up Of Henna Made Eyebrows?

Previously before deciding microblading was a procedure I’d like to have done, I’d had the misfortune of dealing with some very shoddy and short term sluggish looking henna eyebrows! Shameful, yet all in the name of having eyebrows.

Henna eyebrows were something I had been doing for years. Each week or so I would go and have a lady henna tattoo on my eyebrows. The procedure takes a while, smells of well yes henna. It also is very prominent when you remove it to begin with and washes off fast.

I checked around and like many ladies do, checked pictures on Instagram and decided the artist I would go to by seeing before and after’s. Salon found, eyebrows booked, I went. The microblading artist that I booked to go and see was Iranian and a dab hand at eyebrows. She is amazing contact me if you want the referral.

On The Day Of My Microblading Procedure

So girlies anyone that’s not yet done eyebrow microblading and is looking forward to the procedure will be like me googling and seeing what is involved! Don’t worry the pain is not too much and you will be given a numbing cream. In-fact it’s quite fun if you’re a mother it is literally the only time that I had to myself to lie back and relax.

A stencil was applied. Next, the eyebrow shape that I wanted to have tattooed on was then carefully measured and drawn on by the microblading artist. We agreed on the shape. Next up, the microblading artist applied the numbing cream onto my brows. I waited 45 minutes for the cream to kick into place. After rechecking and agreeing on the pre-drawn on shape and style, the procedure began.

Sterile Needles Displayed- Let The Microblading Begin!

One of the things I liked at the salon was the fact that the lady showed me the needle. I got the confirmation that it was new and coming out of a closed package. It kind of put my fears to rest having read horror stories on the web about ladies that contracted hepatitis and even worse infections. I mean it’s always good to know that you’re not going to die when having a small beauty procedure performed! My advice to all is definitely make sure that the microblading needle is shown to you coming out of the packet!

Machine To Work – Minimal Pain

I’m quite pain tolerant when it comes to having procedures performed. I’m the type of girl that barely visits the Dr and didn’t even show emotion when fracturing my leg. Many of the horror stories I read that had discouraged me to have this done ranted on about the pain. Honestly there is no pain with microblading it’s totally fine. Like someone is distantly playing around with a pen on your eyes or scratching you. A tattooing machine was used on my eyebrows and also a single needle drew many of the strokes on. After digging some places to put the ink inside the ink was applied and I had to wait for a few minutes for it to settle into the scratches, tattoo marks- whatever you want to call them.

Next, the ink is wiped away and more microblade lines are scratched on. You also have another batch of ink applied. Then, finally a third repeat of this procedure is performed and voila! You wait for the ink to settle, wash off your face and reveal to the world your very new and fresh inked on microbladed eyebrows.

Aftercare For Microblading

You cannot and must not use any water on your eyebrows for a week after having the procedure done. Also, the salon where I had my eyebrow procedure gave me a vitamin A cream to apply on the eyebrows morning and night. This is to prevent the eyebrow scabs that you will develop as a result of the inking, getting too dry. Yes, you will have scabby eyebrows and it will be a little inconvenient when you are having showers etc. You need to take great care not to wipe off your new ink! You should also make sure not to pick the scabs or rub at your brows.

No Water- No Sweating

I took great care for a week and there was no pain or anything after having the tattoo done. For me it was a little weird as I tried not to get my hair wet. For me not washing my hair was a nightmare. In the end I had to succumb to the water wash me now voices in my head. I slapped on a hell of a lot of Vaseline over my newly inked eyebrows and washed my hair by taking the shower head down and avoiding to get water anywhere near my face.

Working out is not on the agenda either as if you work out you will naturally sweat. You really do not want to lose your new eyebrows to a sweat session after exercising. Use this week to relax, not sweat, not wash as much and lol become a recluse.

Prepare For Weird Washing Techniques And Antisocial Behavior

So there you have it guys. It was a week of having weird face washes and utilizing baby wipes. Luckily it is corona times anyway so I barely go out or have to step out as it is! You also have to book in for a top up after 6 weeks. I know a lot of ladies that think there is no point to go back after if they still have eyebrows and they look fine. You really should not miss out on the advice that has been given to you. After all, it is there for a reason and you want your new microblading procedure to last as long as possible. Don’t forget it is semi permanent, so it won’t be around for ever. The more you follow the guidelines, the longer it will last

6 Week Top Up

At my 6 week top up for microblading, the eyebrows that I had put on were fine. A few of them had not taken very well as my skin type is very oily. I had to apply the numbing cream again to my eyebrows and then have a few more strokes and ink applied. It really did not hurt and I am super, super happy with the results that I have! I also have not had to drawn on any more eyebrows, yay! So guys, let me know if you decided to have your eyebrows microbladed or not.

How Long Does Microblading Last For?

Microbladed brows are a semi permanent form of tattooing. Basically that means that the puncture wounds in the skin to create the appearance of hairs, are not made too deep. They are left deep enough to give you a long lasting effect, up to 2 years of perfectly shaped microbladed brows! Everyone is different and the length of time that the procedure lasts on you will be individual based on your own skin color, type , and also how you look after your skin!

Checklist Things To Consider Before You Go For Your Microblading Procedure

  1. Make sure to do your research and see before and after pictures from the microblading artist that you’re going to choose. Remember, this is a form of semi permanent makeup. It’s not like a brow pencil that you can wash off.
  2. One week prior to your appointment stop taking any vitamins you have like vitamin c, vitamin e, collagen, hyaluronic acid etc. This is to ensure that your skin is literally a blank canvas and will not be influenced by the vitamins you take internally.
  3. Make sure to book your appointment when you do not have your period.
  4. Have an idea of the shape you would like to have done on the day. Carefully listen to the microblading artist and make sure that you both agree on a shape that you like.
  5. Don’t wear mascara or eye liner on the day of the procedure. Unless you want to look like you have been crying. One thing I learned on the day is that my eyes are super sensitive and watered like I had been cutting onions and wiping my fingers on them!
  6. Make sure that you don’t have any events coming up in the week after your appointment. You will not be able to wear makeup on your skin and also your eyebrows will be full of ink. You can also shed skin scabs and more than likely will be doing so its not a pretty vibe to rock in public.
  7. Wash your hair the morning before you go. You will need to try to avoid washing it the whole week, so as not to disturb your new tattoo.
  8. Invest in a tub of Vaseline and a tube of vitamin A cream! The Vaseline will help a lot to avoid getting water on your eyebrows and keep them dry. The same for the vitamin A. It will also help you to avoid the formation of dry scabs, if you keep the area moisturized with Vaseline and vitamin A. That way, you will not be having huge scabby weird parts flaking off and making you look like a weirdo.
  9. Make sure to listen to all the instructions that the salon you go to offer. If they give you other instructions then please do follow them!
  10. Do not forget you 6 week microblading top up appointment. It is best to make this whilst you are there having the first procedure.

Good luck guys! Hope you get beautifully microbladed eyebrows.

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