Mothers- Basic Manners To Teach Your Kids

Basic lessons to teach your kids, was once a very normal thing to hear. Nowadays though I can’t help but think that some mothers just don’t seem to teach their kids anything. Infact, kids become what we are. How many times does history have to repeat itself? Mums, if you have kids make sure to install lessons of ethics to them! Do not allow them to hear your thoughts on the world and negatively impact their viewpoints on life before they have even had a chance.

Idle Gossip Engagement

Yes, you read the subheading correctly. You may not agree to this one as it means admitting to yourself that as a mother you actually engage in this activity. Idle gossip is very hard to avoid nowadays. In a world where women meet and exchange conversation, sadly gossip is rife. However, you do not have to allow your kids to pick up these habits. It is as one might say, a mode of survival. Being able to engage in conversation with other ladies is one thing, gossiping and idly about none productive things, is spreading hate and negativity. Lets be honest, as entertaining and time passing as it is, it does not add to the next. generation anything other than a recipe for disaster! So, when you are with your girlfriends, be sure not to allow your kids hear you talking about things that are not of use. Difficult right!?

Please And Thanks

It goes without saying that back in the day, most of us knew the art of basic manners. Now, I feel like manners are flying out of the window. It’s not uncommon to see kids forgetting to say please and thank you. See, though, they really are not forgetting to use these two polite words. What’s happening is a disaster, mothers are forgetting to teach the two valuable assets to kids around the globe! I’ve lost count of times of how many kids I have seen that haven’t grasped the concept of please and thank you it is unreal. This is a compulsory thing that you need not skimp on doing ladies. After all, your little ones are a reflection of you. Oh, and usually with the two magical words, sorry has to be thrown in!

Mouth And Handwashing

This one is a very annoying thing. For me, I just cannot recall how many times that I’ve been outside in malls and kids have not felt the need to go and wash their mouth’s after eating. Not only that, but they happily do not feel that hand washing is a compulsory act. For heavens sakes if you do not teach the next generation good hygiene, what do you expect the world is going to turn to? It does mean that they have to be hygiene frieks and scrub their mouth and hands 24/7 but really, do you wish to be the parent standing next to a child that doesn’t know to wash ketchup off their mouth with water and not tissue? Or worse still, the kid that wants to wipe his hands on his jeans?

Toilet Etiquettes- For Boys In Particular

Saying that I say it with certain confidence installed in me as girl mum, that you would not ever have imagined your little girl squatting and peeing in public. If you did, it is just completely a sin to have a girl think it is lady like to do such a thing. But well, even a boy I lose track about the amount of times boys have been peeing outside in public places and well, to be frank with you it defies the objective. Flowers do not require urine to be watered. It is just really crazy to think that if you have boys as a young man peeing the contents of his bladder into the street, that as a man he will not do the same when nature calls. The thing is though, when he is grown up and beyond toilet training, it is not going to be considered an act of urgency. For heavens sakes women- raise decent toilet trained rug rats!

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