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Many of you will be suffering some sort of a financial deficit this year. Sadly, coronavirus has taken its toll on many. Hours have been cut, life has become more expensive. Even those that are not faced with a deficit, fear being face with one, if the current financial economy doesn’t start to pick up. That’s why you will love the fact that it’s possible to make passive income on Hubpages. Yes, mark my word. It’s not easy, but it is completely possible if you have patience, time and like to write. Read on to find out just how you too can start to make passive income on Hubpages.

It All Begins By Signing Up As A Hubpage Writer

Now, I say a Hubpage writer because that’s exactly what you will be once you sign up. Make no mistake by the term. You’ll not be writing or reporting directly to Hubpages. You’ll simply be affiliated to them. You’ll create content inside the site as an active user. To begin with the site it is quiet strict to be approved. You will be able to create a series of Hubpage articles and submit them. Please note, that if you plan on sticking a bunch of crap on the site, naturally you will not be approved. You also will be given a 5 page article test. To begin with your articles will be under strict scrutiny and you will have to have had a total of 5 highly engaging and quality articles published onsite to be classified as an Okay writer. I made it past the 5 articles featured stage this week, and it feels like such an achievement! The small things in life make me happy.

Don’t Expect A Fulltime Income- Although If You’re Lucky Who Knows?

It’s well worth your time though because one you sign up you can start to make passive income on Hubpages. Perhaps not enough to pay your bills. Note, it will not be a fulltime income by all means. Although, there are some success stories on the site that do earn their fulltime income there. The Hubpage site actually states that you should not write to get rich! However, it is a site for those that want to write and enjoy to write and share their hands on experience with a community of Hubbers. And what a community it is.

When Can I Start To Make Passive Income On Hubpages?

That too is a very complex answer. See, the content you publish on the web, will not be ranked in search engines for a long time. Also, whilst Google may index your content and pages, they also judge how good your content is based on the amount of incoming links. For example, if you write a great article about how to make passive income on Hubpages. Pretty much like the one that I am writing right now. The article will be there and present in search engines. It will take time to get page ranked and for other sites to start linking into it. One of the great advantages of writing on the Hubpage site is that they’re already ranked. Because of their strict writing rules and administration, it’s easier to earn faster as Google recognizes the site as a credible source.

When Can You Expect To See Your First Trickle Of Passive Income On Hubpages?

Sadly, I have been on the site for a week to date. Right now I have written 10 hubs All of which I deem as high quality articles. I spent a while putting them together. Also, they are plagiarism free and all about topics I know well about. I actually saw 9 cents of earnings in the first week, that I’ve been submitting content. Now, for all of you reading this, yes 9 cents sounds like a joke of a wage. I agree, but see having experience in writing and knowing how affiliate schemes work.

Articles Rank Faster Enabling Passive Income On Hubpages

Newly approved AdSense sites would not start to rank in the search engines for at least 6 months. Nor would you start to see anything close to a passive income for at least the first 3 to 4 months. That is depending on how you have gone about your backlink strategy. Hubpages is already a link mine. They have been up since 2006. Also, now there are a lot of sub domain for niche content. You can try to submit your content to one of them to see even better results. Realistically it will take you about 6 months to see a drastic change and anything near the Hubpage threshold payout. The pay out minimum is $50. That is unless you spend a hell of a lot of time backlinking. In which case you will have to dedicate a lot of time to comment on other hubs, and make articles that link to your hubs offsite.

I do plan on updating this when I start to earn a reasonable amount. Good luck guys! Comment below if you have had success earning a passive income on hubpages.

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