Lip Tattoo- What Does The Procedure Really Involve?

Picture of my final result from having a lip tattoo.

After Microblading I Decided A Lip Tattoo Was Next

After I booked my microblading top up procedure at the first appointment. I decided to book in to have my a lip tattooing procedure as well. Those of you that know me or follow me will know I kind of have a tendency of doing things on a whim. I decided I didn’t want to have those other girls out there have one up on me. If they could wake up with lipstick ready lips then why couldn’t I!? I know.. lame, at least I admit it. I did have a very thin top lip that needed a little bit of definition.

What To Expect From Lip Tattoo

The lady that made my lip tattoo was the same lady that did my eyebrows. Because of this, I had the added relaxation of knowing I was in good hands. I’d been warned by friends that had the procedure to expect a lot of pain. This is because the lip area is a lot thinner than the area where we have our eyebrows tattooed on. My makeup tattoo artist was very sweet and explained to me that she would be applying a numbing cream. The cream was 5 percent strong. Stronger than the cream used to perform microblading.

Me with the numbing cream before my lip tattooing procedure.

Numbing Cream On- Lip Tattoo Begins

It takes 45 mins for the numbing cream to kick into effect. You also cannot talk whilst this is happening. Those of you that know me well will understand how difficult that is! I was warned about the danger of having the cream enter my mouth and swallowing. As many of you would expect, toxic! It was so, so difficult but crucial in the name of beauty or to shut the fuck up! I was so scared of swallowing any of the chemical from the numbing cream though, that I managed.

Comparable To The Dentists Numbing Injection

I was asked to rinse the cream off in the bathroom and make sure that it was fully off, it felt so weird. The feeling is comparable to having a numbing injection at the dentist. You know the ones where you end up biting your tongue or inner lip? Yeah, my kips were numb as fuck. They felt like they’d grown about 10 inches. I literally can describe it as that. My lip tattooing procedure didn’t hurt or feel really bad. Nothing to put you off having the procedure performed anyhow. I did distantly feel the needle of the machine that was used. It’s more painful when lining the lips than when filling them.

The Color

When your lips are numbed up. You feel like they are super huge you will be able to begin. I chose red colored ink. The ink I choose was looking super, super red. Please be aware that when you have had the procedure done and are peeling, when the swelling has gone down. The pigmentation will settle and your lips will NOT be the super rich color that you initially picked out. That’s why it is wise to choose a color that is much darker than what you want. The final result will be much lighter and more subtle looking. You will start to feel like you chose a shade too dark to begin with. This is normal, don’t stress about it.

Lined Then Filled

The ink is applied and in my case the outer part of my lip was lined on first with the tattooing machine. Then, afterwards the middle parts were blended in and shaded. Beware that you can expect a few pricks and tinges of pain, but its all in the name of beauty. The lady that performed my procedure was always asking me if I was okay. After she had left the color on for a while it was decided that she’d apply another round of numbing cream. After waiting for that cream to work, and rinsing it off I had the second application of the pigmentation applied. I took a few pics and looked at myself throughout. Do note that the machine used to tattoo the lip color on splashes you! I have a really strange picture of myself looking like a cannibal.

Expect Extremely Swollen Lips

I tell no lie people. In-fact I’m posting the pics here on my blog so you can see. I did warn you! It felt like my lips were chapped and when I saw the level of swelling I almost peed my pants laughing. It looked like I had just invested in some cheap fillers that had seriously fucked up. Luckily this is only temporary. Yes I repeat, TEMPORARY. The swelling will however last for 2 days after. It is advisable to keep your face mask on even when at home, so you do not scare anyone!

Ice Helps To Reduce Swelling In Lip Tattooing

I was given an ice stick to put against my lips to help reduce the swelling. I was also advised to keep putting vitamin A cream and Vaseline to ensure they do not dry too much. I’ve since watched other procedures online and noticed how many people have very scabby lips. Luckily for me this was not very noticeable as my lips were very moisturized.

How swollen my lips were immediately after my lip tattooing procedure.

Lip Tattooing Is Not An Alternative To Fillers

By no means at all is lip tattooing an alternative to having fillers. The procedure helps to make your lips look fuller and lipstick ready each and everyday. It does not plump up the lips and make them bigger. You need to be aware that it will make your lips temporarily swell to the size of a puffer fish. You can have a few laughs at yourself, humor is required here. If you’re not able to have a sense of humor then this procedure probably is not for you.

Book A Week Off Work

If you do work and have not set this up for a time when you are not going to have to be in the office. It is best that you book a week off. Or, of course plan your lip tattoo appointment before the weekend kicks in. That way you will be able to use the weekend as a recovery period for your procedure. You can expect some minor scabbing and dryness. Also, as mentioned above the swelling that comes long with a lip tattoo all be it temporary, is not something that you will wish to be advertising to the world.

Check List Before Having Your Lip Tattoo

On the day of the procedure make sure that you pre-prepare as you will more than likely not wish to be going out for a few days after having this done.

  1. Make sure that you have some really good lip balms and Vaseline to hand.
  2. Get ice a you will be needing to put the ice on your lips on the fist day to help reduce the swelling that will occur.
  3. Make sure that you do not wear light colors to the salon on the day of the procedure as it is messy. You do not want to damage your white t-shirts.
  4. Be sure to have a facemask so you can cover up your lips on the way out. Also, to avoid shocking everyone at home it is best to leave your mask on when you arrive too!
  5. Cancel all the plans you have penned in for the coming week.
  6. Prepare yourself for scabbing and peeling of the lips.
  7. DO NOT by any means peel your scabbing lips. It is tempting but this will have a severe impact on the color distribution of the pigmentation that has been applied when you had your lip tattoo procedure. Do not give in to temptation.
  8. Make sure that you know that the color that you have put on initially will fade and you will not see the full results for 2 weeks.
  9. Be sure to avoid the intake of hot fluids for the first 24 hours after having the procedure performed.
  10. Make sure you also feel better by reading other peoples blog content accounts about their lip tattooing procedures! It helps guys trust me.

So, there you have it guys. My honest take on having a lip tattoo procedure. Comment down below and let me know how it went for you!

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