Deprovera- Contraception From Hell!

Now if the idea of contraception sounds appealing to you after having kids. You will need to read on before making a decision that you will regret. Of course it depends on everyone’s preferences. I’m going to share with you my journey with the deprovera shot and why I will never go back to the shot again.

Deprovera Is Not All It Is Cracked Out To Be

Call me mad, but I’m not a very firm believer in contraception as I breast feed all of my kids for as long as possible. After suffering from baby losses, contraception seemed like something that was evil. After I went on to have my firstborn(now 17) and then my son (now 16) I decided that after breastfeeding, pamper changing, working like there was no tomorrow, and just generally feeling ran down from UK life it was time to embark on a contraceptive injection. I had suffered with severe depression throughout all of my pregnancies. The very sight of a Dr could have me suffering hot sweats, and heart palpitations.

The Deprovera Injection Prevents Pregnancy

Yes indeed it does prevent pregnancy, your doctor will more than likely stereotype you as some form of cattle- and say well honey, there are a lot of options on offer but this is the easiest. As a working mum, a busy mum, the idea of popping pills and forgetting one that could see me wind up pregnant, the implant thing that went in your arm well that scared me a bit. As did the idea of having a contraceptive coil, where I would be subjected to a very invasive procedure. That’s what made me decide that the deprovera shot would be the best way to prevent pregnancy.

Let The Bleeding Begin!

So, there it was I remember it like yesterday, walking into the doctors surgery in Heaton Chapel on the A6. Leaving my double trolley outside, single handedly carrying my two toddlers, both under the age of two at the time inside and allowing the doctor to give me a shot. The shot as I was told would last for 3 months. Then I would need another one. Now, being naïve and young all I thought about at the time was the fact that I wouldn’t have to worry about getting pregnant for a while. Well, I could not have been more wrong! Not long after the injection had been administered, a few days after, I was subject to the most terrible bleeding. Bleeding that was much thinner, and much worse than any type of menstrual bleeding I had been subjected to in the past.

According To The Dr- “It’s Normal”

I went to the doctor and was told this was normal. So, I went home and put up with it whilst looking after the kids, breastfeeding my son, and working my part time job. The bleeding subsided for a few weeks, and then was back again! It was really annoying and irritating as I simply had no idea when it was going to begin, or when it was going to stop. I felt like a baby with pampers on. I had no option but to wear pads when I went out – or at least to carry them around as I was always paranoid of blood!

Gone Was The Blood- On Crept The Weight!

After the bleeding part seemed to go down, back then I was actually a size 8 after dropping 3 dress sizes after my son. I soon found that I was a size 14 again. My average weight had always been about 65-70 kg. I’m naturally bigger boned and tall. I however, seemed to gain weight without even eating more! I was also breastfeeding, you need to bear that in mind too- and running around with  a double trolley everywhere. It was like the weight just crept on from nowhere. I had no idea it was there, until I went clothes shopping and figured that my clothes were a little on the bigger side!

I Tried To Blame The Shops For Clothes Sizing Issues

Weight gain, I put it down to shop sizes being different etc. You know all the typical excuses that us mummy’s use when we are in fact – just getting fatter, but refuse to admit it. Anyway, I did not take deprovera again. I waited or my periods to return, and they did not come back until my son was 3! I spent 2 years period free, feeling like a freak show. At the time I was young, so figured that it was because of breast feeding too.

The Injection Takes Away Your Femininity

Now I look back I know it was the injection. I also developed the worst back pains ever. Like the pains were so bad I felt like they were labor pains. I was then diagnosed with sciatica. Sciatica is a really weird pain that kind of creeps up on you  and grips your nerves in your back and leg and travels all the way down one side of your leg. It hurts the hell out of you as it does so. It stays with you for life too. It is now something I suffer with regularly, usually in silence as I run around after the kiddos. Also, nit having periods for some might be considered a blessing. For me, I felt like I was not a woman! Our body is supposed to naturally clear out and get rid of the toxins via mensuration. I lived in constant jeopardy wondering what the hell was happening with my system, and what the long term effects after would be.

Deprovera Causes Mood Swings That Can Have You Questioning Your Sanity!

I tell no lie. My moods were terrible, I could cry at the drop of a hat. Shout at anyone that dared to speak when I was in my zone. I felt terribly down and at a very low period when I should have in fact been very happy and at the prime time of my life. After my periods did return, I suffered a missed miscarriage- and then went on to have a baby but with a huge 5 year gap! It took me literally 5 years to conceive again after having the initial shot. I then had my daughter and then went without contraception again for a long time, and had my other daughter(now 6)

Contraception Is Confusing Even In 2021

With 4 kids I was forced to go back to ask about contraception again, this time in Oman. I was offered all types of things, but again went with the safer option (depo shot) I naively thought well it cannot happen again. Perhaps years after the first lot they have changed it. The doctor told me I wouldn’t gain weight ( I was again a size 8 after working out after baby number 4. I had the first shot, then the second shot  months later. I withdrew from life as it is known , I spent all day in bed, became really tired. I had no energy to do the school run. My skin broke out like a teenager. I also noticed that my hair was starting to thin, and fall out when I brushed it.

Acne Like A Teen With Deprovera

My moods were really up and down. I was all in all a force to be reconciled with. To make things worse, my husband did not have a clue and was not the most supportive person. I went back to a size 12, gained 2 dress sizes despite still working out and still eating healthily, and keeping active. My skin was still awful- even after coming off the shot, and well- It took me month of back pain and NO periods at all to finally get my period cycle back. So- if you ask me. If you want to contemplate having contraception, steer clear of deprovera. I have also researched the injection and will list some of the facts below. They make for a very interesting read as it is proven that the shot also decreases bone density.

What The Webs Says About Deprovera

  • It is obviously a form of contraception. It is made out of a hormone that is like progesterone. You can get the injection in your arm, or your butt. When taken, they reckon that each shot lasts for a period of between 12 to fourteen weeks. You do, however, need to take the shot every 12 weeks to ensure that you are fully protected against pregnancy.
  • The injection starts to work immediately after taking it. That is if you take the shot within five days of getting your period.
  • Deprovera Offers 99% Pregnancy Prevention – The other 1% is a little scary.. not a risk that you might want to take with a bunch of kids as you need you time as well.
  • It is not recommended for ladies that have had bleeding that has not been diagnosed. Any type of liver diseases, breast cancer- or blood clotting. When used in teenagers it needs to be used with caution as with women that have osteoporosis (weak bone density) As it is related to causing the bones to have a reduction in density .

The Bad Parts My Doctors Didn’t Tell Me About!

  • Side Effects Include… but are not limited to..
  • Extremely irregular periods- or, no periods at all
  • You can get headaches
  • Become nervous
  • Depressed ( and this is severe believe me)
  • You get dizzy ( you know the feeling when you are just going to start your period, or indeed you are just figuring out that you are pregnant. Which is not a good thing as you get paranoid you are preggers as you have no periods!
  • Your skin well- Acne is an understatement mine was awful and is still recovering.
  • You can feel hungry- or lose appetite- I have had both of these feelings with the shot
  • You can gain weight ( and believe me it just creeps on)
  • Unwanted face hair or body hair( thank God this didn’t happen to me- although I did notice that my hair in fact did become thinner and fall! And yes, hair loss is another side effect that can be experienced.
  • Your bone mineral density can drop – probably why I have had terrible back pains with this shot.
  • Most women report that they have a massive change in their menstrual cycle- with no periods or indeed very weird bleeding that is unpredictable, or spots like it is about to rain! It is said that periods usually return after stopping, but again, if you check the web you will find a lot of rants about this shot.
  • It is not recommended long term – though many women will swear by it. Your bones will get weak, and you can develop osteoporosis. If you take it for longer than two years this is more likely. Also, if you smoke or drink then you are at an increased risk of this.

Is It Possible To Get Pregnant Straight Away After The Shot?

You can do after 3 to 4 months. Well, that’s what the professionals say, but it took me 5 years after the first dose- and now well I am not trying for another baby- but with the irregular periods I have had or rather, hadn’t had until recently my guess is it will take time. Also, you might want to consider the strain that this shot can put on your relationship given the fact that you can be severely depressed and suffer mood swings.

Now- What They Say Are The Advantages..

  • They claim that it is good as you don’t have to remember to take pills etc. Which is true, it is why I was lured to take the shot in the first place.
  • It provides you with up to three months of protection against pregnancy (bear in mind you probably won’t be getting down and dirty in the bedroom anyway if you have stomach cramping and severe bleeding as a result of the shot in the first place !Yes, another great detail they forget to tell you.
  • It is effective- and it is more expensive than birthing pills and the coil- depending on where you are based, and if it is free or not.

Disadvantages That They Tell You About Online Are;

  • You need regular checkups at the doctors.
  • You need to stop taking it about seven ,months before you plan on pregnancy. Again, this kind of contradicts the shit that they dish out about the shot.
  • It causes irregular periods
  • And of course, the main thing is if you are not in a long term relationship. Also, I have to state here importantly if you are married and your partner is a dog(because there are some bastards out there that do cheat) then you are not protected against sexually transmitted diseases.

Now, after reading all of this- do you really want to have a deprovera shot? Comment down below and let me know your experience. Let’s help women not make the same mistake!

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